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DIY Gifts You Can Give in a Stasher Bag

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DIY Gifts You Can Give in a Stasher Bag

'Tis the season to gift and give! And although you may feel a positive holiday spirit about it all, you might also have some reservations. Like staying on budget and being eco-friendly, while still keep your presents thoughtful and heartfelt.

This holiday season, consider creative and personal do-it-yourself gifts for the people you love. These DIYs are simple to do, easy on the wallet, and sustainable. Even better, your time, thought, and effort will shine through to your friends and family.

To finish your masterpiece, wrap it all up in their very own stasher bag. It makes a lovely bonus gift that can be used again and again at home. To make it a little more festive, add some recycled tissue paper or leave a note in dry-erase marker right on the bag.

holiday cookies in a stasher bag

image via Lucky Bites

Baked Goods and Candy

It's hard to beat a sweet treat. Fill a reusable stasher bag with things like cookies, chocolate-covered pretzels, or fudge. Don't forget the candy canes!

Recycled Christmas Ornaments

Got a board game or a puzzle that's missing a few pieces? Transform what's left into pretty holiday ornaments. These are made of pieces from word games found at thrift shops, with a little wood glue and some ribbon. You could also use puzzle pieces to make snowflakes, or cut wintry designs from the game board.

diy gifts to give in a stasher bag

Homemade Play Snow

Dreaming of snow, but lacking the right weather? Make a little magic of your own to spread some holiday cheer. It's as easy as mixing three cups of baking soda with 1/2 cup of hair conditioner or shaving cream. The finished result is a moldable play snow that actually feels cool to the touch.

Gift Certificates

Offer your time or talents to your friends and family with personalized gift certificates. You might make coupons for a homemade meal, a girls' night, a manicure, or a treat. The options are endless, and you can really come up with some funny and/or sincere options for the people you care about.

homemade play snow

Movie Night Gift Pack

Put together a whole date night or family event! Pack a gift card for a movie rental and some boxed candy in a half-gallon stasher bag. Include popcorn kernels, which you can actually pop in a stasher!

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This post was written by our friend Jenn from What You Make It. Keep up with her on Instagram at @whatyou_make_it for more tips, talk & love for busy