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Eco Brick Build!

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Eco Brick Build!

Single-use plastic is the miracle and the curse of the 21st century. Practically indestructible, yet extremely detrimental to humans and the planet alike.

Stasher bags have been created with this in mind and as part of our drive to design a plastic-free planet we are actively involved in initiatives to eliminate it from our environment.


Here in South Africa, the stasher team is proud to team up with some of the countries most dedicated and prolific grassroots organisations, and we've been working hard to support and promote their many environmental clean-up events.

But, what happens to the plastic that we collect? Well, we make eco-bricks! This is a foundational element of the "Zero Waste to Landfill" ethos represented by WasteEd and Oceano Reddentes. These two amazing organisations have now accumulated an abundance of eco-bricks and are ready to build with them.

The premise of the build is as follows: the dwelling will be a 10x5m house for the Bhongolethu Foundation caretaker and his family. A replica extension will provide a sewing room for the ReLife project who run a skills development programme making durable, reusable shopping bags from pet food bags. Every year WasteED builds structures out of eco-bricks and natural materials.

This year's project is a joint effort, and the stakeholders are Oceano Reddentes, & Stasher for The Bongolethu Foundation & ReLife Project. We are fundraising for the build of a home and sewing room.


We would love to make a difference at Bhongolethu. We invite you to join us in transforming spaces and lives. Here are some of the ways in which your sponsorship would benefit you or your organisation:

  • Be part of the efforts to clean up our world and aid us in uplifting the community
  • Align your brand with two active social enterprises
  • Connect with environmentally conscious citizens in an authentic and intimate setting
  • Provide a developmental opportunity to deserving recipients
  • Show your audience or network that you are engaged in the environmental action space, and are looking to contribute to a future generation of active citizens.

Contact Nina to get involved:



Facebook: OceanoReddentes

or Candice on:

Phone: +27(0)828504254



Facebook: WasteEDSA