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Get Organized Stasher Style

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Get Organized Stasher Style

Whether you’re preparing to head back to school, settling back into your work routine after a summer vacation, or simply trying to start the new season with all your ducks in a row, we’ve got you covered with some awesome tips for staying organized! Just a few small “life hacks” can make an amazing amount of difference in a hectic day. Look no further than your trusty stasher bags, which are amazing tools for not only meal and snack prep, but great for packing and organizing as well.

Head Back to School & Return to Routine Life with stasher

Supplement your morning routine with an evening routine.

Everyone’s always talking about the importance of a good morning routineto start the day off on the right track. But what about an evening routine? Before turning in for the night, turn on your favorite playlist and spend just 15 minutes prepping for the next morning. Pack your bag or backpack, portion out your snacks in snack-sized stashers, pack your lunch, make sure your workout gear is ready to go. You can even lay out your clothes, and do any needed ironing so that you aren’t rushing to do it in the morning! Especially if you’re not a morning person, 15 minutes near the end of the day can make your mornings less stressful and much smoother.

Have a place for everything.

Declutter and simplify as you go throughout your week. A little effort goes a long way to avoid things piling up and becoming a stressful mess! A few random papers in a backpack can become a stack in no time, little bits and pieces of important items can easily end up anywhere but where you need them to be when you need them. Use stasher bags to keep hard-to-organize items in place. With over a dozen different colors and designs, you can use stasher shades to color code flashcards, assignments, receipts, and more! Remember, you can also use a dry erase marker to write dates, notes, and labels on your stasher bags (it’ll wash of easily when you no longer need the label)!

Back to school with stashe

Plan meals and snacks

We’ve noticed that quite a few of you in the stasher community are fans of meal prep and for good reason! It’s so much easier to stick to healthy-eating goals when you take a little time to cook and portion your favorite healthy meals. A great hack for meal and snack planning is to place a small container or two in your refrigerator that can hold your already-portioned-out snacks (this is great for kids, too, creating a sort of self-serve snack station that will reduce the amount of time in a day that parents spend fixing snacks). You can create a bin for post-workout snacks, one for mid-afternoon snacks, even a container of smoothie packs in sandwich-sized stashers that are ready to be thrown in the blender for a quick breakfast or snack.

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Use technology to keep you on track

There’s an app for everything why not use a few to help you stay organized? Try out a few schedule and to do list apps to see which one might be right for you! Evernote is a classic organizational app that syncs up with both your smartphone and your desktop. Use it for notes, to-do-lists, shopping lists, and more! Productive helps you stay organized and on-track with your daily and weekly goals by tracking them visually and sending you weekly reports. Mint can help you keep your spending on track by categorizing your purchases and helping you keep your budget in check.

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This post was written by our friend Hannah Theisen, editor of life+style+justice, founder of A Beautiful Refuge and a member of the ethical blogger network. Connect with Hannah on instagram