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Stasher's 2019 Intentions

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Stasher's 2019 Intentions

Wow. Just... wow. 2018 was such an incredible year! Stasher doubled in size, which has been super fun and exciting and, let’s be real— kind of insane! We are so flabbergasted by your support, so proud of what’s been accomplished, and also really excited to start 2019 with all the things we learned this year. You all have inspired us in the deepest ways and we could not be more grateful. We certainly wouldn’t be here without you!

So cheers to a crazy, amazing, rocketship of a year behind us, and to more amazingness in 2019! We honestly can’t wait to get the new year started. Here’s what we have in store for you guys; our 2019 intentions!

Color your world

Pick you burial plots now, stasher squad, cuz you’re gonna die over the new stasher colors coming out next year! Some of them have already become personal favorites amongst us, and we cannot wait for you to see them. Can. Not. Wait!


We have been listening to all of your hearts’ desires for stasher products, and we’re working on some amazing new things for 2019. New sizes and shapes are coming! Our production team has been fielding all of your requests and bright ideas, and tinkering away with some game-changing developments. So keep a weather eye on our website, friends. Tons of good stuff hitting the store soon!

Be ourselves

We have been having way too much fun at work! Seriously, you guys make our jobs not feel like work, and we are so thankful. So in 2019, we’re gonna share the fun by giving you all a better look behind the scenes. We’ll be doing more fun stuff in the San Francisco Bay Area, which ICYMI, is where we call home. You’ll be seeing our faces and all the things we’re up to, like moving offices, snacking, meeting new people, more snacking, doing photoshoots, running to Berkeley Bowl, and so much yoga! It’ll all be going down on the gram, so make sure you’re following us to stay in touch!

Hit the road

We’re also going to be doing a LOT of traveling and looking for ways to meet our peeps wherever we go. We’ll be in LA, Portland, and all over the West Coast, in Chicago, Austin, and even Germany! We will do our best to plan meetups so we can see you guys and, of course, make it rain stasher bags. If you know a locale we should explore, or events we should crash, send us an email at and give us the details!

In fact, we’re planning road trips from LA to SF in March and from SF to PDX in April, so if you have specific suggestions for stops, eats or events, please holler!

Stay true to our WHY

Lastly, but most importantly, we will be continuing our mission to reduce plastic waste in our landfills and oceans. We will be doing more clean ups in 2019, finding ways to support local and national litigation, and working even more closely with our non-profit partners like 5 Gyres to find real solutions for protecting the Earth from harmful plastics. We will also be implementing change with regards to our packaging and shipping methods. Hurray!

Our hearts are incredibly full with all of the lifestyle changes you guys are making, big and small, to reduce your footprints and love our planet. We are all in this together and that’s how we will move mountains! So if you haven’t yet, please take a moment and pledge to reduce single-use plastics in 2019, and you’ll receive a code for 20% off your next stasher order. Every little choice creates change!

stasher plastic-free movement

Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your support this year. We’re so blessed and excited to take you on another wild ride in 2019. Cheers!