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The Journey: Stasher South Africa

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The Journey: Stasher South Africa

Stasher was launched in South Africa last year, and we immediately set out on our mission to create a plastic-free planet by helping the world give up its plastic habit.

We embraced this ethos and joined forces with several local environmental NPO’s doing inspiring work in eliminating plastic pollution from our surroundings. Together with our partners, we've supported, coordinated and participated in regular clean-ups in iconic locations such as Lions Head, Kalk Bay and Robben Island. We're also proud to have hosted the hugely successful 2018 edition of the Plastic Free July event at the Two Oceans Aquarium where, each day, 31 SA celebs pledged to give up a single-use plastic item over the month.

The stasher team also coordinated and hosted the Ukhanyo School environmental awareness day for over 5000 students! We had speakers, watched educational videos, we collected trash, and we made eco-bricks! The kids loved learning how to reduce the litter in their environment and proudly went home to tell their parents about their newfound knowledge. Our next big project is already underway; we've partnered with Oceano Reddentes to fulfil their founder, Jade's, dream of building an eco-brick house. This full-circle story is about a young girl and her love for the ocean, her passion for resuscitating it, and, from the waste collected and bricked, to build a house for a local school caretaker. But that's not all; she's also committed to building a sewing room for a group of women who upcycle discarded dog food bags into beautiful, durable and reusable shopping bags: fun, functional, reusable, responsible, just the way we like it.

In our journey so far, we've also had the good fortune to list with some of SA's most trusted and innovative retailers such as @home, Wellness Warehouse and Faithful to Nature, as well as being stocked and supported by the hardcore zero waste stores such as Nude Foods and Shop Zero.

We're having so much fun and are sincerely committed to the cause and believe 100% in our product as a solution so we'd like to invite you and everyone you know to get included for yourself and the planet. For more info on what we're doing and how you be active about eliminating plastic from your life, sign up for the plastic-free pledge and receive a unique 15% off discount code straight to your inbox.

Rock on! We hope to meet you in person as our clean-ups or by engaging through our Facebook page, and if you're able to contribute to the Eco-Brick Build in any way, please get in touch directly! PS: We've got a clean-up happening this weekend at Kalk Bay harbour, and you are cordially invited to attend. Link to event here: Kalk Bay Cleanup.